I have been feeling like maybe I should make sheet music for my songs.

I figured I would start with "Ode to Indifference" as that's the first track on "we're ok"


let me know what you think!

First draft of this song... I want to add piano and re-record vocals and clarinet


Hey guys...

I'm working on my portfolio to apply to Art Science. I'm updating it live. Let me know what you think if you have the chance


much love


Olive Oil
Red Pepper Flakes
Tomato Paste
Parmesan Cheese

Cook spaghetti in salt water until al dente. In pot, fry red pepper flakes in liberal amount of olive oil until oil is red in color. Add tomato paste and garlic and stir to combine. Add cooked spaghetti. Top with Parmesan cheese.

@grampyfr this is a photo from my livingroom window. Hard to tell in the picture but I can see it from here!

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@grampyfr I told you I'd record it next time there's a band organ in my neighborhood and today it's happening despite the poor weather


I'm feeling rather antisocial and I didn't want them to notice me filming so that's why the angles are so poor.

Thinking about Christmas wishlist... My phone's super broken and I need a new one. It's a white "Google Pixel 3a" and buying the same make and model looks like it's $60 give or take. We can talk about something fancier but honestly it serves me well.

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