Watched the sun almost disappear. Not nearly as cool as totality but still fun

Graphic design project #2: Logos!
What I learned: logos are fucking hard! (And so is the pen tool on Adobe illustrator)
We had to make a logo for ourselves, a logo for our superhero personas (my super power is spreadsheets), and we had to redesign another company's logo.

Got back to work in time for the second act, it was great!

Okay okay, here it is:

-a new multitool (my old one got lost in one of the many moves this summer):

-socks from blue q

-one of those bags that are full of rice or beans or beads or whatever and lavender that you microwave and then put on your shoulders or neck or whatever

-gift cards to GameStop or Nintendo eshop

Sorry for taking so long. My brain's been fuzzy from the sickness.

I've been really enjoying the graphic design class I've been auditing this semester! Our first project was to come up with a movie title and then make 3 posters (each in a different style/genre). Here's the 3 I made!

Warwick and I participated in the school's annual holiday craft fair! Here's us at our table and a few of the prints I was selling

Christmas Wishlist in No Particular Order
-an electric hand mixer (nothing fancy)
-A water resistant backseat cover for my car (Chewy has some affordable options. I just need something to stop the muddy paw prints)
-Books (I encourage getting used copies of any of these from amazon or thrift books or anything like that. Not only is it cheaper, I aslo enjoy the potential surprise notes in the margins): Something That May Shock and Discredit you by Daniel M. Lavery, Staging Sex by Chelsea Pace, We Both Laughed in Pleasure by Lou Sullivan
-Art for my home/office (prints, sculptures, etc)
-Any activities or fun things you want to do together!

We carved pumpkins at Jean's today. Probably the best pumpkin I've ever carved thanks to a stencil 🙂

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