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The Tin Can Phone Club

This is a space for nice people to share about their lives and love each other. In order to make everyone feel loved and respected, and in the interest of building an inclusive community, there are some basic rules everyone is encouraged to follow.

Be Kind

Kindness means assuming the best of the people around you and speaking in a way that is caring and respectful to the community

Be Brave

Bravery means allowing space for unhappy feelings. Bravery means sharing projects and ideas that still feel unfinished, unbaked. Bravery means doing what's right, even when it's scary

Be Emotional

Don't just think, feel. This is a space where we respect feelings as much, if not more then ideas. Empathise with what other people are saying and thinking, especially if the ideas feel confusing from an intellectual standpoint. Try and use I feel statements

Be Forgiving

If someone acts in a way that's wrong or hurtful, let's try and remember that they are human and allow space for forgiveness. This can be hard to do with others, but even harder with ourselves. Forgive yourself for being imperfect.

Be Loving

This is a place for love. Let's love ourselves, love each other, and love what we do. Why do we share our lives through social media? I hope it's because there are things that we love and apperceptive about our lives and in sharing those things we are sharing the loving feelings we have. This is a project, above all else, about love.