Visit to the past. Deirdre took me to see my old PS 1 classroom which is now the stem lab and I'm having dinner at our favorite sushi place from 1992 until we moved to Culver city.

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@Baba when you press the reply button on a post it's the globe button at the bottom of the text box (circled in the picture) then you select the direct button (also circled in the other picture). Hope that helps!

I'm glad you got to spend time in Cuba, it's always good to see what life looks like in other countries as we are all encouraged to believe that the way things are here are impossible to change, when there are many other ways of life. Have a smooth trip home. Love mom

I need your great brains.... I need to come up with a name for a donor wall we are doing in the new Highline addition. What should we call it?

I went to Dr and they did more xrays. The bone is broken through across the neck under the ball and a sliver off the ball on the outside is also broken. The bones over top are fine. I'm supposed to keep it immobilized for 4 weeks then go back. If all goes well it will still be another 4 weeks for it to be healed. So 8 weeks grrr

Here is mormors list. She's into the service part this year! st
*Playlist Spotify or CD
Phillip Phillip
Alix & Sierra
Stevie Nicks
John Legend
Alicia Keys
Keith Urban
Sara Barelle

Help at house
Storage locker clean up
Bins in closet
Under sink organize
Under bathroom sink organize
Porch bird vacuum seeds

Go thru dishes you may want
Go thru stuff in China cabinet

I volunteered this morning packing bags of food to give to kids on Friday so they will have food for the weekend. We have had a 30% increase in childhood poverty in this country since the child tax credit ended. Would any of you like to join me doing this at 7 am on Dec 22? It's actually pretty fun. And a little cold.

My list- mystery books- not too scary! Cookbooks, socks, sweaters, earrings, art for my bedroom. Service-activity ideas: thrift store and coffee date, new playlists, wash and clean inside/ vacuum the car, help me slip cover the maroon armchair...that's all I can think of

So in an effort to reduce consumerism, we will encourage gifts this year that are gifts or service or activities, or items from craft fairs, thrift shops, made yourself or regifted from your own belongings. However, if you've already gotten someone something or just want to get someone a very specific thing, this is not set in stone. Also Chloe is taking charge of the stockings in lieu of other presents from her.

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