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Cool, Leo. And I echo Owen’s comment. How did it get to be a mirror image?

Do you mean I would actually have to construct the puzzle???

Good puzzle, as usual. 6A- good clue. How about including a timer?

Great puzzle! True confessions: I had to Google 1D for a clue. Then it all fell into place. 9A—good clue!

Great stuff, Owen. I only take issue with your definition of 4D.

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I forgot to take a photo of the outside but it was a six room bed and breakfast in an old victorian mansion. Lovely and great breakfast! But still Morman...

Owen!! great clarinet! You sound much more comfortable now, especially those gorgeous low F’s.

Thanks for sharing, Owen, your lectures on color. Have you studied the phenomenon of difference tones, ? It is well established that these resultant tones are subjectively created in the inner ear, making our ears themselves practically the only naturally occurring objects that can create the harmonic series, which you describe in your early lecture. Members of all cultures have the same ear structure, yet these colors do not form the basis of non-western music. Why do you suppose that it was “Western” music that uniquely developed the major/minor scheme?

Ooh, good!! I would suggest tweaking the balance. We’ll talk.

I just finished the final episode of The Mandalorian. This is really good stuff—the equal of or better than any of the Star Wars films. Good story line, excellent cinematic story-telling, character growth, great special effects, truly wonderful and compelling music. Plus a surprise at the very end.

Tried bagels with yeast instead of sourdough. Easier, quicker, prettier. Tastes pretty good too.

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