@warwick_willow it’s a color preference, but I am allergic to cheap metals and my ears get all mad but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them.

Christmas Wish List

ASL Class at Rocky Mountain Deaf School - class fee is $100

Cupping massage set (the suction gun kind)

Hula hoop (with water in it)

Dance class bundle (I researched a while ago ballroom and/or ballet classes I could take in Denver, I don’t remember the price)

Gold hoops or opal earrings

Ummm I think I had more ideas but I can’t remember them.

If you saw me for the first time - what do you think my major would be? Serious question - basing my future off your answers.

Every one of my family members have messaged me today (excluding only my mother’s parents) and it had been very hard and distressing to me. Thank you all for your birthday wishes, they are all meaningful to me and make me feel loved.

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