Just got home from dropping Owen off at airport. He is Cuba bound!

Had my first day at Steeplechase Academy! The Montessori school I interviewed for last week. Got my offer letter yesterday and was there at 7am today!

Hey y'all! Christmas List time!

1. Bluetooth over the ears headphones (Either the Sony-WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones with Microphone in Black, Model: WHCH520/B or the JBL - Tune 510BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Black, Model: JBLT510BTBLKAM)

2. Plant shop gift card

3. Coffee shop gift card(s) - Broadway Coffee, Mildred's, or Oddly Correct Coffee Bar.

4. Bees wax candle sticks either white, off-white, or burnt orange in color

5. Ulta gift card

6. Hardware store gift card

7. Tuition for community college acting class(es). I'm thinking of trying to enroll in one or two acting classes in Johnson County or Metro community college. I think it's about $100.

@warwick_willow it’s a color preference, but I am allergic to cheap metals and my ears get all mad but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them.

Christmas Wish List

ASL Class at Rocky Mountain Deaf School - class fee is $100

Cupping massage set (the suction gun kind)

Hula hoop (with water in it)

Dance class bundle (I researched a while ago ballroom and/or ballet classes I could take in Denver, I don’t remember the price)

Gold hoops or opal earrings

Ummm I think I had more ideas but I can’t remember them.

If you saw me for the first time - what do you think my major would be? Serious question - basing my future off your answers.

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