Didn't actually take many photos... But a very eventful trip! Got to hang out with lots of friends, see the KCAI shows, went to the new aquarium, and had a very long coffee chat with my favorite professor.

Had to completely rebook my flight and am now spending the night in Charlotte due to flight craziness (a storm I think), which took many tries to communicate with American Airlines and a lot of crying, but it is as sorted as it's gonna be now.

Did someone send us a mattress topper? Picked up the mail this morning and am very perplexed

Calendar reminder that Leo's bday is two weeks from today... start harassing him for gift ideas

Hey y'all! Leo and I will not be able to attend the zoom this weekend because of work, and I would love to be out of "Warwick's turn" purgatory. This makes it Chloe's turn next, I think?

So, here's a silly experiment I was going to do on the zoom instead of a "real" game- I think it will actually work better on this format anyway. This is round one.


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