We just found a good deal for plane tickets and went ahead and jumped on it!

Arriving in Denver at 8:41pm on Tuesday, December 19.

Leaving 6am Thursday, January 4.

I will likely head to NM 22nd/23rd- my mother often doesn't do much in the way of Christmas shopping until I'm there, so I don't want to push it too far. Then back 30th-ish. Not totally sure yet though.

Welcoming incoming students today! Funny to be on the other side.

Slowly starting to get settled in! Moving casualties include this strip of the TV and Tardis' heat lamp :(

I got the Simon's Rock community director job! My first day is August 7th.

Photo dump round two- the exhibition! Opening night was super fun. I sold a piece, was drawn by my ceramic professors kid, and then had pizza at a rooftop bar with my friends.

I also never posted these... Leo and his cool new office!!

(I know he's done lots of reorganizing in it since this was taken, so this can be the before photo)

Field trip photos! Visiting a pyramid our third day, and visiting Guanajuato (featuring teatro Juarez, "the second most beautiful theatre in Mexico")

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drum roll....

Mexico photos! A bit of my favorite places and architecture from exploring the city. You all will have to wait until next week to see the work I'm making. (Our exhibition opens on Saturday!)

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