This is an ambitious and interesting project and I think you captured a, for lack of a better word “ethnic” flavor. I felt the tempo was really slow, which made it hard for me to stick with it. I found another recording of it, which did move faster. What do you think?

Grampy playing with the dog on the beach and with our friends, Mary Kay and Michael.

Oh what a painful decision for you but i do think it is a wise and brave one. Hopefully it will be made at least a bit easier to do with Chloe’s help. What marvelous experiences you have had, what wonderful friends you have made, what strengths and knowledge you have earned. We will welcome you back with joy.

Grampy tested negative on Sunday and I tested positive. We like to take turns. I’m taking Paxlovid and am feeling exactly like i have felt for the past two weeks, like a bad cold. We no longer have to isolate from each other so that’s the best news. I’m getting lots off sleep and eating chocolate cake so all is well.

A couple of other wish list items…
I like soft scarves in jewel colors
Small hair ornaments, combs, clips, flowers etc.

I think Grampy is having a hard time thinking of anything for his Christmas list. I think he would like a gift card to his favorite coffee shop, The Red Arrow. I love it there, too.

I am trying hard to think of a Christmas wish list. Here is what I have so far:

Christopher’s photo book
G’s calendar
A Starbucks coffee date
Three crunchy taco supremes with 7 hot sauce packets at Taco Bell

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