I forgot to put it but i always want the photo book and G’s calendar.

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My Christmas list

My favorites are long rectangles that can wrap around my neck, or big squares. I like bright color splashes or patterns rather than solid colors and they should be very soft and drapey, cotton or rayon are great.

A coffee date at Starbucks

A trip to Taco Bell.

Here’s part of the Kowalsky side of the family…Grampy, Baba, Nathalie, Aga, Ealian, Josh.

I really like this photo. Too bad we couldn’t fit the other two dogs in the shot!!!!

Grampy is at it again. This time it is Turkish Flat Bread. The house smells amazing.

This may not be for everyone’s taste but Grampy and I are currently loving an a capella singing group on YouTube called “Voces 8”. So pure and perfect, hard to believe. They are lovely to listen to, say on Spotify, but i really love to watch them. Just saying…

It was a great hit. He also made bagels and had all kinds of toppings. Wow!

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Grampy made sourdough and
Challah for his men’s group today, and chili with fixin’s, earlier in the week. Yea, Grampy

I made a cake for my friends 78th birthday, Grampy made a fabulous dinner of chicken, fancy rice and astonishingly good carrots, and i don’t particularly like carrots. That us relaxing on the porch after getting flowers from our houseguest.

A couple more…
Grampy and me on my birthday and dinner with friends on the 4th of July. Thanks, Owen, for getting us back on.

Here are a few photos I’ve been wanting to send. The best, sweetest, juiciest strawberries ever, Warwicks teapot safely ensconced, and a yummy treat from our favorite bakery.

This is an ambitious and interesting project and I think you captured a, for lack of a better word “ethnic” flavor. I felt the tempo was really slow, which made it hard for me to stick with it. I found another recording of it, which did move faster. What do you think?

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