Here's the final bracket for those keeping score at home. Starting to work on the Cookie Exchange. I find employees like you better if you regularly stuff them with fat and sugar.

The winner of the inaugural Candy Bowl, beating Snickers 70 to 42.

An original Craig Grossman finger bowl. Just one finger though.

I see it's too late, but here's my votes:
We're OK: First Day of School, Laundry Day, Pretty Soul.
Ones We Love: Cowboys of Yore, Riding on a Train, Madeleine
Songs About People: This one's hard as overall I like the instrumentals the most (hey, I'm an instrumental kind of guy), but for songs with words: Chloe (morning), Isabel/Joab, and Spiderman.

Haven't been on for a week, and look at all I've missed! Y'all are the best! Happy to know ya! ❤️

Due to popular demand, here's a link to Room Tone, my entry for the recent NBCU Dry Creek Short Film Festival:

Graduation feels like three months ago at this point. Crazy. Thanks for the great shots, Baba!

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